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Summer Lovin'

It's time for swimming pools, lemonade stands and cookouts. It's officially Summer! It's also time to shine light (or is it sunshine?) on Summer's beauties. Not sure if you are a Summer? These ladies have the following coloring or traits:

*Hair will be gray, brown or blonde and maybe light, medium or dark ash brown with ash highlights
*Summer blondes have no gold to their hair, only ash tones and many have a dusty/muted look
*Skin undertones are pink, rose or blue and skin tones range from porcelain to cool beige
*Freckles are rare, but are charcoal gray or rosy in color
*Summers do not have brown eyes
*Most common eye colors are blue or green with white flecks, gray blue, aqua, blue green or cool hazel
*Coloring resembles that of Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Pfeiffer, Diane Keaton & Sarah Jessica Parker

Below are a couple of ensembles that represent Summer's best colors. Shades of aqua, teal or turquoise work for the blue family. Neutrals that can be worn are gr…