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Hollaback Girl

Celebrities are known for their glitzy, glamorous looks on the red carpet but they also have days when they dress it down for laid back outings around town. Often times we want to emulate their looks but don't know how without breaking the bank. With a bit of shopping around, you can find affordable pieces that will have you looking like your favorite celebrities in no time! First up- the adorable and quirky Gwen Stefani.

Below is a picture of the lovely Gwen on a seemingly low key day, sporting a casual look that mixes color and comfort. Beneath the picture of Gwen is a collection of items that you can wear to feel like you are also a "hollaback girl"!

To create the collection, I paired a set of black leggings and a casual racerback tank with some fun chunky wedges. I added a large black handbag and a simple, small necklace and topped off the look with some bright red lipstick to copy Gwen's signature bright red lips!

Total cost for this look? $112.

Solid black knit…

Zip It....Zip It Good!

Looking for a fun and unique handbag? Check out the Change It Up bag from mark. Keep it as a Neapolitan ice cream style with black, white & pink, or zip away the pink to get a simple black and white bag.

Order yours here!

Black Slack Attack

Do you ever stand staring at the clothes in your closet and think, "Ugh. Same old selection and I have no money to buy anything new"...? I think most of us have had that thought when trying to figure out what to wear sometimes. What many of us don't realize is that we can take the pieces we already own and combine them to create several different looks, without having to spend more money on new pieces.

One suggested fashion staple for women is the "little black dress." But I recommend the "basic black slack." Any nice pair of black pants will do (preferably one that doesn't collect too much lint). Here are three different looks, using the same pair of black pants and creating three totally different outfits.

The first one is a daytime look. Pair the pants with a comfy sweater, comfy boots, and for those in colder climates, a comfy jacket and beanie. A nice sized tote bag makes a great accessory for this look. Since the look is not meant to be fan…

Leopard & Flowers & Stripes...Oh My!

If you're like most women, the thought of wearing two different prints in one outfit may seem a bit scary. In our daily lives, we usually stick to the solid or patterned ensemble but rarely venture out and do pattern on pattern. The truth is, we can mix prints and still be fashionable. There are really no fashion rules regarding print mixing, but there are some tips that I would give to make you feel more comfortable in doing so.

In these two examples, I have mixed prints but have stayed within the same color family. In other words, the floral shirt/shoes and plaid jacket are different prints but they use many of the same colors. This makes print mixing more "safe" and many women feel better combining the patterns when they keep the prints in the same color realm. The other outfit has a different print for top and bottom, but both are the same colors. The pop of red and leopard in the handbag and shoes gives the outfit a nice punch.

As a general rule of thumb, I suggest …

Divas & Dates

It's a new year and you know what that means- a fresh start to the dating scene for all those singles searching for love. A large part of being successful in dating is presenting yourself at your best, especially in the beginning. I've heard it said that a man knows in the first 30 seconds of meeting a woman whether or not he wants to see her again. That being said, I have put together two different date ensembles- one for daytime and one for evening- that are sure to impress any date. The daytime date look is ideal for casual dates like meeting for coffee, going to a movie, having lunch or visiting a museum. You don't want to overdo it for a daytime date but you still want to look your best. First impressions are important in the dating game and can sometimes be the "make it or break it" moment for your date.

This daytime date look is fun and comfortable with just a pop of color. A nice pair of jeans, a solid, comfy blouse and colorful accessories make up this l…