Stylish Luggage For All Your Travel Needs

Headed on a vacation this year? You're sooo lucky! If you need new luggage for your travels, I've rounded up some super fun, funky, colorful options that are reasonably priced and will stand out among other travelers' bags, so there's no way yours will get lost in the mix! From hard case suitcases to laundry bags to duffles, this roundup has a bag for each of your travel needs.

The Science Behind Seasonal Coloring

If you've ever taken pictures of yourself wearing different colors, you know that wearing the wrong shades can make a huge impact on your appearance. Your seasonal coloring is what determines which hues your should or shouldn't wear, and I'm showing you the science behind this. I took several shots of myself in various colors to demonstrate the way different shades make you look better or worse.

On the left, I'm wearing a pink top that falls into the cool category. On the right, I'm wearing a peach top that falls into the warm category. If you compare how I look in each top, you'll notice a few things.
  • my skin looks drained of color in the pink top
  • the pink top stands out more than I do
  • the peach top brings out my natural coloring
  • I don't fade into the background in the peach top
Therefore, I look better in warm hues than cool ones. But let's see another example, just to be sure.

On the left, I'm wearing a white top that falls into the cool category. On the right, I'm wearing a sand colored top that falls into the warm category. Here's what you should see:
  • my teeth look more yellow in the white top
  • the white top takes over, pushing me into the background
  • the white top makes my skin look sallow and unhealthy
  • the bags under my eyes are more noticeable in the white top
  • the sand top brings out my natural warm coloring
  • the sand top makes my teeth look less white
This confirms what the science of seasonal color analysis teaches: that certain colors should not be worn on certain people.

If you're trying to decide between two colors and you don't know which looks best on you, here's what to look for:

With the right colors, your skin looks healthy and full of your natural coloring. Your teeth look whiter, the lines and wrinkles on your face are less noticeable, and your top doesn't get more attention than you do. When you're wearing the wrong colors, the opposite is true and you present an unhealthy, aged appearance.

To find your season and determine the best colors you should wear, head over to The Style Spectrum for all the details! If you're interested in a personal consultation, click on the Personal Styling Services tab to get in touch.