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#OscarsSoStylish Red Carpet Picks

There may have been some controversy surrounding this year's Academy Awards, but Chris Rock did a rockin' job as host, don't you think? He wasn't the only thing that impressed me, though. The red carpet fashion was pretty great. My favorite looks were all about bold colors, form fitting pieces and simple designs. Here are my top 5 picks of the night.
Naomi Watts Top honors goes to Naomi Watts, who dazzled in a blue and purple ombre iridescent number. It had shimmer, shine, rich colors and hugged her body perfectly. The coordinating lip color was fabulous!
Olivia Munn  The bright orange, the simple one shoulder cut and the sexy silhouette made Olivia radiate on the red carpet. Props on the matching lip, too.
Tina Fey Her dress, though simple with subtle details, was a gorgeous purple color and made her look so elegant. The matching necklace adds just enough sparkle to really make her shine.
Brie Larson Her dress is a gorgeous royal blue with ruffled details and a sexy neck…

Tri- Print Argyle Girl

Today was a beautiful day! The sun was shining but there was a breeze, so it was the perfect time for  leggings and a light sweater. I chose to mix things up with a tri-print look, combining three different prints from three different pieces.

I started with a bright pink & white argyle sweater that I paired with some cozy, stretchy leggings.
 I threw on a black & white fedora, which added a second print to the look.

I completed the outfit with a pair of zebra print flats with a pop of pink, giving the ensemble its third and final print. Because of the multiple patterns, I chose not to do any jewelry.

 I felt a bit like a female golf player, but I still love me some argyle!

Create this look by shopping these pieces:

Tommy Hilfiger Classic Argyle Sweater, $20.85-59.50

Ralph Lauren Stretch Corduroy Five Pocket Leggings, $37.55
Woven Diamond Print Fedora, $12.99
Cole Haan Zebra Print Ballet Flat, $55.60