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Summer Soiree Style

Sometimes you want to look cute, but not spend a lot of time getting ready. You want to wear something simple, but not boring. That is what I was going for when I got dressed for a friend's birthday brunch recently. It was hot outside, so I wanted to wear something summery, but I wanted to look nicer than I would on an ordinary summer day. I wanted fun summer color with comfortable summer fabrics.
Here is the outfit I came up with.

I wore a comfortable aqua crop top with a black skirt (that happens to be reversible and has a fun print on the other side)

 I love the lace details in the middle of the top.

I chose a round aqua stone necklace and some silver leaf design earrings for jewelry.

I went with some black summer heels to add just a hint of fancy to the simple summer ensemble. 
aqua crop top: xhilaration from Target | black reversible skirt: mark.
silver leaf earrings: c/o Majestical Jewelry | aqua stone necklace: old (shop similar here) black heel sandals: Adrienne Vittadini …

"Em-azing" Emmy Fashion

Last night was the 66th annual Emmy Awards. Major stars walked the red carpet, some looking ravishing, and others...not so much. But I don't want to dwell on the negative. So, here are my favorite red carpet looks of the night . #1 - Kaley Cuouo-Sweeting Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting is my #1 pick for best dressed lady. She looks classy & elegant, without overdoing it. Her colorful, feminine organza gown balances out her not so feminine pixie cut and brings life to her look. Mrs. Sweeting looks bangin'. BIG bangin'!
Here are some of my other favorites:
Lizzy Caplan Katherine Heigl Melissa McCarthy  Gwen Stefani

Best Makeup Colors for Dark Skinned Autumn Women

When it comes to wearing makeup, we shouldn't just focus on what colors we like. We should focus on what colors look best on us, based on our seasonal color palette. There are lots of websites and links to help you determine what season you are, and if you do a self analysis and think you might be an autumn, here are some telltale signs of the autumn woman:

Hair color ranges from bright copper to deep chestnut brown, including golden brown, rich golden red and dark warm brown. Brunettes usually have a gold or metallic red cast to their hair.Autumn women have a golden undertone to their skin. Skin tone can be ivory, peach, golden beige, copper, bronze, caramel or golden brown.Eye colors for autumn women include dark brown, golden brown, green, and the eyes will have a golden warmth in the iris.
Because the autumn woman's skin tone has a wide range, there are two different guides to follow when it comes to makeup. One is for light skinned autumn women and the other is for…

5 Ways to Look Fabulous in Overalls

I don't know about you, but I don't generally associate overalls with being cool and stylish. However, overalls are officially awesome. When you pair them with the right pieces, overalls can be an amazing, versatile piece. Take, for example, these 5 fashionistas who rock the overall look.
Overalls With FASHtastic Shoes Sometimes all it takes to go from blah to wow is to add some dazzling accessories or statement pieces. In this look, the overalls are accompanied by a striped shirt, a fun clutch, some sparkly jewelry and some sexy silver heels. Overalls never looked so elegant.
Overalls With a Blazer For days when the weather is more brisk, you can add a fun pop of color to your overalls ensemble by sporting a blazer, like in this look. It adds a touch of class to the ragged denim focal piece.
Overalls With a Fun Shirt You can add some sophistication to overalls with accessories, or you can make a bigger statement with some of your basic pieces- like in this look, where the fash…

Product Review: e.l.f. Essential Blush

I was recently on the hunt for some new blush, and I was hoping to find a really great one. Since I had been using the same one for so long, I had no idea what brand to try. So I went to the store and looked for what seemed to be the best bang for my buck. After what seemed like hours of picking over tons of different blushes, I finally stopped when I saw the $2 price tag on a blush from e.l.f.

Usually when I find beauty products that are very inexpensive, I am skeptical and worry that their quality will give reason to their price. But let me tell you, this two buck chuck Essential Blush from e.l.f. is the best $2 I have ever spent on makeup!

Seriously, this blush is amazing. It is really lightweight, so you totally forget you are wearing it. It goes on smooth and is shimmery but not too shimmery. And it stays on all day! I am so impressed with this blush that I will be stocking up when my current case runs out! I sure hope this product sticks around for a long, long time.

Fashion Icon: Gwen Stefani

I don't watch The Voice very often, but when I heard that Gwen Stefani was going to be one of the new coaches, I decided maybe it's time to start watching it regularly. Gwen is seriously one of the most talented and creative women in entertainment. And of course, the singer-cum-fashion designer has always had her own unique sense of style- and it rocks. I mean, who else could pull off a crop top the way that she does? Can you believe she is 44 and just had a baby? Because she is just so awesome, I had to give her wardrobe some love and attention. So here are 5 of my favorite looks from the fashion icon that is Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Stefani does wear black a lot, but she can totally do black and look like the rock star that she is. I love that this outfit has a pop of bright pink to add some fun and femininity to the look.

Even when she is just out and about, Gwen Stefani looks amazing. I have seen her in sweats and ripped jeans on her very casual days, but she is always smiling, …

Best Makeup Colors for Summer Women

Summer is slowly (and sadly) coming to an end. But for the women with the summer color palette, summer never ends! Every one of us is a season, based on our skin tone, eye color and all of our physical characteristics. And whichever season we are, there are colors that are best suited for us, from our clothing to our jewelry to our makeup.

Here are the characteristics of a summer woman. Use these to determine if you fall into the summer category.

You have overall cool coloring, and your hair is ashy blonde, pearly gray or ashy brown. (Summers do not have gold tones in their hair- rather, ash/silver tones)You do not have brown eyes; your eyes are blue, green, grey or a mixture of those colors.Your skin has pink, rose or blue undertones and your skin tone ranges from light porcelain to cool beige.
Still not sure if you are a summer? Here are some famous summer women to give you a better visual of the summer woman's coloring. Below is information on the best makeup colors for yo…

On The White Track

Labor Day is just under a month away, and for many people, that means no more white. I happen to disagree with the whole "no white after Labor Day" rule (wear it whenever you want!), but I decided to break out some white before summer is over. I went with this comfortable (like, seriously), cute and simple maxi.

I wore some gold hippie style sandals to add a bit of color, but I stayed mellow for this look, keeping with a lighter and more neutral color palette.

And of course, with a dress this comfortable, I couldn't help but "monkey around" a little!
Dress: TJMaxx | Shoes: old (shop similar here)
Here is a close up of the makeup that I went with. Do you like the mugshot type photo?  Let's hope I never have a real mugshot to show off!

 I wanted to add a pop of color to my eyes since I went with neutral colored clothing, so I chose a fun green eye shadow and used it as a liner above my upper lashes. I put some very light pink and brown shadow above the green…

Hottie Highlight: Uzo Aduba

If you haven't seen Netflix's original drama series,Orange Is The New Black (OITNB), you are missing out, my friend. The based on real events Emmy nominated show has already been signed for a third season, it's that good.
Today's Hottie Highlight is on one my favorite stars from the show, Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren. You know...this lady:

Aduba's true talent and beauty comes to light when you see her off-screen. The first time I saw a video of her in her everyday getup, I couldn't believe it was the same woman. (I guess the hair & makeup crew from OITNB deserve some major props!) Take the photo below, for example. She looks stunning, and if she is any kind of crazy, it is crazy beautiful. Keep reading to find out why she is today's Hottie Highlight.
Who she is: Uzo Aduba, a.k.a. Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren from the Netflix original series, Orange Is The New Black.
Why this look is fabulous: The colors suit her win…

Summer to Fall With a Few Pieces

Even though we are technically still in summer, pretty soon we fashionistas will need to start making the transition into fall. And if you're like me, you still have pieces hanging in your closet that you haven't had a chance- or a reason- to wear yet. With fall weather cooling things down, time is running out to sport those summer outfits. But fear not, you can add a few simple pieces to your ensembles to make them fall ready. Here are two summer pieces you can easily transition for fall!
If you still have that cute crop top that is waiting to be worn, you can make a fall fashion statement by throwing a bodysuit under the crop top, and then wearing jeans or a skirt over that to complete the look.

This summer, rompers and playsuits were popular. But don't worry, you can also wear them in the fall by throwing some leggings underneath. For cooler evenings, top off the look with a light cardigan.

Whether it is a sundress or a strapless …