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Outfit Post: Funky Fall

Where I live, the weather is starting to cool down. And even though my summer wardrobe is way cuter than my fall wardrobe, I'm actually looking forward to the weather change. I broke out my first long sleeved shirt of the season and did this "funky fall" look.

I love how this shirt has bright colors on the front and a contrasting print on the back!

Funky shirt + funky girl = balance out the funky with some basic jeans.

I topped off this "funky fall" look with some zebra print flats and a pair of zebra print circular earrings. I thought that was enough jewelry (and zebra) for how much funky there was going on.
Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger | Jeans: Ralph Lauren | Shoes: Kate Preston | Earrings: old (shop similar here)

A FAUXbulous InVESTment

With fall just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about adding pieces to our wardrobes that add a bit of warmth- literally. The trend I am loving right now is the faux fur vest trend. It is a great way to get in style for fall. Here are a few faux fur vest outfits to inspire you! Which is your favorite?

How would you wear a faux fur vest?
Create your own "FAUXbulous" look by shopping these faux fur vests!

Outfit on the Street - Eclectic Bohemian

I was recently at a live music festival in downtown Nashville and asked Tatiana about her outfit. I loved her fun bohemian style and her sparkly purse! Plus, she had a great smile and a willing spirit.
Name:Tatiana Where: Downtown Nashville Live on the Green music festival
What are you doing out here today? Just hanging out, enjoying the beautiful day, music, good food.
Do you live in the area? I do.
What do you do? Are you in school? Do you work? I work with kids with special needs.
What do you do exactly? I do language therapy for kids with Downs Syndrome and autism.
That seems challenging but rewarding. Yeah, I love it.
Tell me about your outfit. Do you know where you got it? I do. Ok, so this dress came from a random boutique in Florida, like in a beach town. This purse was actually a website find, from Stitch Fix. They just sent me it and I was like, that rocks! Random little ring from a random street artist in Santa Fe.

So do you hit a lot of random, independent boutiquey places a lot?
Yeah, y…

FASHtastic Finds - September 12th

Did you have a nice week, fashionistas? I did- and I discovered some awesome new blogs, products and contests, which I'm posting for today's FASHtastic Finds.
I recently stumbled across Annabelle Fleur's fashion blog, VivaLuxury, and am now a big fan. And this week, one piece in particular from an outfit post really caught my eye. On her post titled "Fringe," I was drawn immediately to this MSGM fringe cotton tweed dress. I love how unique it is, and the pop of neon is so much fun! Plus, fringe is fabulous too.

Another piece I came across this week is the Multicolored Faux Fur Waistcoast from Choies. I love the bright colors mixed with the neutrals, and of course faux fur is always fun! This fall find would look fabulous in any my closet. What's even more cool is that you can save 15% off at CHOIES and get free shipping worldwide when you enter coupon code 'Sep15aff' during checkout.
How much fun would it be to play fashion designer? Well, now yo…

5 Fashion Rules to Break NOW

We've all heard of them. Those fashion "rules" that many consider a faux pas to break. However, most of these rules are not rules at all- they are merely suggestions, born from a fear of standing out and making a bold fashion statement. So if you're ready to brave up and break some rules of fashion, here are 5 fashion rules to break now.

Don't Wear White After Labor Day If you Google "why can't you wear white after Labor Day?" you will find a lot of theories, but no definitive answer. That's because this rule was created so long ago, and for outdated reasons, that nobody really tries to find its origin. People think it is an important rule to follow, but don't even know why. So...wear white whenever you want! One great way to add some fun to a white ensemble is by adding pops of color with other pieces.

Don't Wear Socks With Sandals
This rule I mostly agree with, however it applies more to men than to women. And it really depends on two …

Best Makeup Colors for Spring Women

My favorite season is spring. Not only is my birthday in the spring, but the weather in most places is splendid. Flowers have bloomed, breezes are blowing and I can break out my colorful wardrobe pieces. I can sport a dress or jeans and be comfortable, no matter how I piece together my ensemble. I can wear heels or sandals and be seasonally appropriate.
When it comes to seasonal color palettes, some of Hollywood's finest ladies, like Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman, are springs. When I think of spring ladies, I think of natural beauty. I envision sweetness and happiness and light colors. So what does it mean to be a spring? In the world of makeup, it means hues that are heavy in the peach and coral family. Black is not a friend but gold is. Think you might be a spring? Here are some characteristics of the spring woman:

Your hair is golden blonde, strawberry, caramel, copper or beige blonde.Your skin is warm with a golden undertone, and is creamy ivory, peach, or golden …