Product Review: LuxLock Clutch

When I first read about the LuxLock earring clutch, I thought, really- women have problems with their earrings coming loose?  Then I tried the product and I could tell a big difference between standard earrings and these backs. I never really paid attention to how my earrings feel when I wear them. When I used the LuxLock clutch, I had to remind myself that I was wearing earrings! Yes, they work that well. It sounds weird, but the LuxLock was so comfortable.

So what makes the LuxLock different? Its patented stainless steel spring and gold clutch, which provide an extra firm grip on your earrings. Available in both 10k and 14k, I would recommend the LuxLock earring clutch for women who wear high end/luxury jewelry, since it holds earrings in place, making it harder for them to come loose or get lost.

*Earrings not included with purchase

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Venettini 55-SOFIA

With Valentine's Day coming up, even the littlest girls are anticipating the pink, the hearts and the sparkle that they will feel compelled to adorn themselves with. And no matter what pretty dress they choose, Venettini's got the perfect shoes!

The fun and sparkly 55-SOFIA is bound to put a smile on your little girl's face. The festive grey suede shoe has a sequin covered bow on top and offers comfort, flexibility and quality workmanship. Your pink princess can wear the 55-SOFIA to her school on Valentine's Day and then again when she is dressed up in her "Sunday best."


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"Sin-sational" Skincare

It's Winter time, and for people with sensitive skin like me, that means lots of hydrating and moisturizing. Skin can get extra dry in the Winter, so we need to take extra good care of it. It is our body's largest organ, after all.

To learn more about how to keep skin healthy, I asked Kristen Sins, a licensed esthetician at Pizazz Salon in Columbia, TN, to share some of her favorite skincare products and tips.

Kristen knows a thing or two about maintaining a healthy skincare routine. She is half of the country music duo, The Sins (hubby Joe is the other half) and often plays gigs in front of large crowds, where looking healthy & glowing is important.

LL: What are some tips you have for keeping skin healthy in the Winter?
KS: Exfoliating and moisturizing are key in the Winter months, when dead skin cells can build up on the face. Exfoliating allows the dead skin cells to shed. Dead skin cells can cause the dryness and flakiness. Moisturizing helps keep your skin soft, smooth, and most importantly hydrated. One helpful hint during the Winter months is to apply your moisturizer right after a bath or shower, this allows your skin to absorb the extra water!

LL: What is the most common bad habit that women have regarding their everyday skincare routine?
KS: Women get into the habit of not applying a broad spectrum sunscreen on their face daily. The sun or UVA and UVB rays are one of the biggest factors that cause signs of aging. From wrinkles to hyperpigmentation, the sun causes damage to the skin! The easiest way to make this change into your daily facial routine is to find a moisturizer that also contains a broad spectrum sunscreen.

LL: Do you have any product recommendations for keeping skin healthy and glowing? What about makeup or skincare brands that you recommend?
KS: Exfoliation twice a week is vital in helping the skin to stay healthy and glowing. If you notice your skin looks dull or tired, it is usually due to a buildup of dead skin cells. My favorite exfoliation products are Dermalogica's Gentle Cream Exfoliant or Dermalogica's Skin Prep Scrub.
LL: What is the single most important thing women can do for their skin?
KS: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Skin can become dehydrated and when that happens it can be more easily damaged and also it may take longer for it to repair itself. Moisturizing can also help combat fine lines and wrinkles while making the skin feel soft and look healthy. I recommend Dermalogica's Active Moist Moisturizer. It is gentle but very effective. 

Grapeseed oil is one of my favorite oils to use on the face. It can be used as a moisturizer. The oil is rich in beta-carotene and the vitamins D, C, E. It also has a concentration of essential fatty acids. Fatty acids have performed well in clinical anti-wrinkle trials. They have also proven to be effective at minimizing the prominence and size of scars.

When she is not climbing up the country music charts, the country singer-cum-esthetician offers many different services, including Microdermabrasion Facials, Microdermabrasion Hand Treatments, Glycolic Peels, Acne Facials, Anti Aging Facials, Back Facials, Waxing, Lash Tinting, and Brow Tinting. 
If you are in the Columbia, TN area and would like to schedule an appointment with Kristen at her salon, visit her website.
Venettini 55-BRUNO

The weekend is here! The weekend is here! If you have plans for your little guy this weekend, check out the Venettini 55-BRUNO. Style, sophistication and comfort combine to give your handsome dude the perfect shoe for any weekend outing. I am calling today's ensemble "corduroy cool."

The 55-BRUNO has a corduroy top patch, an easy to use velcro strap and offers the same great features as the rest of the Venettini collection- breathable leather lining, arch support, flexible mid-sole and handmade workmanship.

Also available in navy suede, the 55-BRUNO will make your boy the envy of the play date.

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Venettini 55-ESTI2

Most little girls love pink. Hello...Barbie? If you have a daughter with a love for all things pink, Venettini has the shoe for you! Err...for her. The 55-ESTI2 is a fun suede, moccasin style ankle bootie with a touch of animal print for some added flare.

Your precious beauty can be "pretty in pink" with a bright pink top and a pair of jeans, or a denim skirt. Pair the 55-ESTI2 with the ensemble and you have a Pink Panther in the making. Rawr! Oh wait...that comes when they turn into teenagers. In the meantime, let your little girl have fun being stylish and comfortable.

The 55-ESTI2 is handmade, offers heel reinforcement, a breathable leather lining and a durable rubber outsole. It is available in several different prints and colors.


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Venettini 55-CHASE

In honor of Martin Luther King day, today's post is about fulfilling his "dream" of integration- in the world of children's fashion. Though they are hard to find sometimes, unisex pieces do exist. Take for example, the Venettini 55-CHASE shoe.

Available in both navy and black, the 55-CHASE loafer can be worn by both boys and girls! Your rough little guy can add it to any ensemble with khaki shorts and a shirt, while your sweet girl can strut her stuff in a fun shirt and either black pants or a black skirt.

In addition to being multi-functional, the 55-CHASE offers a flexible mid-sole, soft & breathable leather lining, heel reinforcement with rubber nub detail and wrap-around mocassin construction for maximum comfort.

55-CHASEShop Venettini at these fine retailers:

FASHtastic Finds - January 19th

The weekend is coming to an end, but alas, with a new week comes new deals, steals and products from some of my favorite brands! Check out these offers and newbies to take advantage of this week.



Versatile Venettini 55-SAMY3

If there is one thing parents look for when shopping for their children's clothes, it is pieces that are versatile and can be worn more than once. When it comes to shoes, the Venettini 55-SAMY3 is a great choice for versatility! Your little guy can wear it with a long sleeved tee and chinos, or prep it up with a plaid button down and sweater vest.

The handmade 55-SAMY3 is available in black or navy, making it a great shoe to go with any outfit! It offers a flexible mid-sole, breathable leather lining, hook and loop strap for a secure fit and much more!


Shop Venettini at these fine retailers:

Venettini 55-DASA

Sugar and spice and everything nice. This is what little girls are made of...until they reach the age where they realize the power they have over their daddies and then the little divas come out to play! If you have a wild one as a daughter, Venettini has the perfect shoe for you!

Embrace that sweet little diva by getting her the perfect pair to go with all of her sassy outfits: the 55-DASA. This fun shoe is not only wildly stylish, it also offers:

  • A soft, breathable leather lining
  • Cushioned leather insole
  • Slip on design for easy on and off

  • 55-DASAShop Venettini at these fine retailers:

    These Boots Were Made for Rainin'

    This time of year, many of us have days where we need some rain boots. Some people live in cities where you need them year round (no thank you!). It can be difficult to find rain boots that are comfortable, stylish and work well to keep your feet dry. Here are 9 options for under $100 from some of my favorite designers (like Steve Madden and Kate Spade).

    This selection offers boots in many different styles- ankle length and mid calf, solids and prints and both combat style and more feminine styles.

     Which style best fits you?
    Venettini 55-Denise

    Happy Monday, fashionistas (including all you mamas)! To start off your week, here is a post for those of you with young girls. With Winter still in full swing, this outfit is great for keeping your little beauties warm and stylish.

    A fun patterned dress, tights and a cozy jacket go great with the 55-Denise shoes from Venettini. These shoes offer premium leather upper and liner with a cute velvet bow on top! Some of the features include:

    • Flexible mid-sole
    • Heel reinforcement with rubber nub 
    • Slip on design for easy on and off
    • Cushioned insole with arch support


    The 55-Denise comes in three fun colors: black, navy and wine.

    Shop Venettini at these fine retailers:

    Saks Fifth Avenue &
    Nordstrom &
    Venettini 55-SAVOR (Bordo Scale Leather 88)

    Every parent thinks that their child is the cutest. And every parent is correct! Our children are the apples of our eyes. The center of our universe. And they deserve the best of everything- even when it comes to fashion.

    For those of us with boys, that means dressing them like sharp, handsome little chaps from head to toe. The Venettini collection has the toe part covered. Today's post features the 55-SAVOR in Bordo Scale Leather. This shoe is great for dressing up your little guy in a way that is sure to impress.

    Pair it with some dark cords and a striped button down, then top off with a snazzy hat for a look that is classy, chic and dressy. Your already handsome boy gets ten times more handsome. With this 1920s inspired ensemble, he will be the Sinatra of 2014!


    Shop Venettini at these fine retailers:

    Saks Fifth Avenue &
    Nordstrom &

    Sport the Port

    She was part of the blonde brigade on MTV's The Hills and then shared her New York adventures with America on her spinoff, The City. Now achieving success with her own fashion line, Whitney Eve, which was launched in 2009, Whitney Port is a fashion force to be reckoned with.

    Since most of us fashionistas don't bring in the same salary as Whitney, we need to find pieces that emulate her style without breaking the bank. Here is one look that you can sport for under $150!

    Sport the Port

    Venettini's 55-RACHEL2

    For those of you parents with toddler girls, this post is for you! Check out Venettini's 55-RACHEL2 shoe (featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine's January shopping guide - below), a fun moccasin style mary jane bootie, available in three colors.

    Features Include:
    • Premium leather upper
    • Cushioned leather insole with arch support
    • Hook & loop for best fit
    • Soft, breathable leather lining
    • Handmade, assuring excellent quality

    Venettini 55-Rachel2

    Pair the 55-RACHEL2 with some jeans and a black tee and add some fun to your princess' hair with a polka dot hair bow. The 55-RACHEL2 adds a fun pop of color and texture, to add that little bit of glam that girls love! 

    You can purchase the 55-RACHEL2 from these retailers:

    Saks Fifth Avenue &
    Nordstrom &

    Product Post: Venettini Footwear

    I am so excited to announce my new blogging gig with children's footwear company, Venettini! Each week, I will bring you a few posts to promote their fabulous children's footwear. Eventually the posts will move directly to the Venettini website but in the meantime, check out the posts here and if you are a parent, be sure to shop the collection for your stylish little ones!

    Today's post features shoe style 55-SAMY5, a toddler boy's leather moccasin loafer in navy. Pair it with some tan colored corduroy pants and a nice plaid shirt for a preppy boy look that is sweet and sophisticated. Great for a semi dressy occasion, or even as a nice outfit for school.

    Preppy Boy

    A New Year, A New You

    Happy new year, fashionistas! I hope you rang in 2014 with lots of fun and sparkle. Now it's time to start working on those new year's resolutions. When it comes to fashion, I encourage you to take some risks and have fun this year! To help you do that, here are a few ideas for making 2014 fashionably fabulous.

    Try a Bright Lip
    Most of us, at least during our everyday routines, tend to stick with makeup that is natural and comfortable. This year, be daring and try a bright lip color. It doesn't have to be for your everyday look. Try it on a date night or a girl's night out. This Models Own lipstick in Coral Pink is a great choice.

    Models Own - Lipstick
    Try a Bold Print
    Many women feel the need to wear basic colors and simple prints, so as not to stand out in a crowd and draw attention to themselves. This year, don't be afraid of getting attention with bold prints that force you out of your comfort zone! This Fun and Game Night Dress is a great example of how to be bold this year.

    ModCloth - Fun and Game Night Dress  

    Try a Dramatic Eye
    This year, draw some attention to those beautiful eyes of yours by creating a dramatic look. Choose an eyeshadow shade that works with your color palette and glam it up for a night on the town! One option is Estee Lauder's Pure Color Eyeshadow, seen on the beauty below.

    Bloomingdales - Estée Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Metallic

    Try a Super High Heel
    Unless you're 7 feet tall, go crazy in 2014 by sporting some super high heels. Most of us don't wear them because we either think we have no place to wear them, or because we think we can't walk in them, or because we think we might look ridiculous. Put all of those thoughts out of your mind this year and splurge on a fun heel like this Two Lips Platform Pump.

    Macy's - Two Lips Women's Too Tap Platform Pumps