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My Current Favorite Beauty Products

My daily beauty routine tends to change about once or twice a year and usually consists of a go-to set of rotating products. Whether they change by the season, or whenever I want to try something new, I often find faves that I use regularly. Right now, there are several that I'm totally loving and that I want to share with you!

These products are ones that I use every day. And while I'm by no means a skin care or beauty expert, I'm sharing these because they've been working well and are not outrageously overpriced. I wouldn't call any of them miracle products, but they've stayed part of my routine because they haven't let me down! Here's the breakdown, along with why I like each product.
Acure Mega Moisture Argan Oil Pumpkin Shampoo - This brand is awesome because it only uses plant-based ingredients. In addition to keeping my hair healthy, I feel better knowing that I'm keeping our planet healthier too. I also love the way this shampoo smells!

Versatile, Colorful, Fun Earrings!

I spent the week in San Diego and thought it was the perfect time to break out a new pair of colorful earrings. It was actually a bit gloomy outside but the earrings were a welcome pop of color set against the dreary sky.

I got the Summer and Tropical Nights Glamour Statement Earrings from the online shop N Side A Diva's Closet. You'll find a large variety of fun, colorful jewelry there. I decided to pair mine with a simple tank top that brought out the red in the danglers.

You can see that there are several colors mixed in, making these incredibly versatile! The gold tone also complements my warm coloring well.

I found a pretty background full of greenery and florals to use as my backdrop, which blended nicely with all the colors from the earrings.

Even the birds in the yard loved my look! (Who cares if they aren't real?)

Snag your own pair of multi-colored earrings from N Side A Diva's Closet!