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Winter Days & Nights

It's officially winter and you know what that means- time to get out the snow boots, the scarves, the sweaters and the knit hats. I can't say that winter is one of my favorite seasons, however, one thing I do like about the season is that you get the opportunity to play around with layers. Plus, most women look totally adorable all bundled up!

Here are two different looks for winter that I created on Polyvore. I chose products that I thought were cute/stylish/current, however, you can find comparable products for half the cost at most department stores/online retailers that still accomplish the overall look of the ensemble.

The first collection is a great look for daytime. You can't go wrong with corduroy pants and a sweater, accompanied by a few accessories to balance out the cuteness with comfort! You could add additional layers, like a long sleeved tee under the sweater, or a jacket on top, if needed.
Winter Pinkerland
If you are planning to attend any holiday parties this year, you can create a fun look by using some of this season's hottest colors- a neutral gold canvas is fun with a pop of cranberry to accent the look. Add some sparkle with accessories and you'll look like a walking, talking bottle of sparkling wine! A bit of animal print can go with almost any look as well. Here, it is subtle in the dress design and a bit more flashy on the bangle.

Holiday Party Sparkle