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5 Trends for 2013

We are already two months in to 2013 but there is still plenty of time to show off some of this year's hottest looks. From fun and funky to plain and simple, here are five different trends that are gracing runways, streets and magazines in 2013.

Polka dots are making their way through the fashion circuit this year. Whether a cute pair of pants, a preppy sweater or a fun pump, polka dots are a great way to add some pattern to your wardrobe. Since polka dots are a busy pattern, keep the accessories and corresponding pieces simple.

Polka Dots
Neon colors are not just for crossing guards or nighttime bike riders. This year, neon is making an appearance in the closests of fashionistas everywhere. Bright yellows, oranges and greens make for a fun pop of color. Tone down the neons by pairing with neutrals.

Denim is a large part of almost everyone's wardrobe, which makes it an easy trend to maximize this year. Instead of just wearing jeans, liven up your denim with accessories like shoes, handbags and hats. Pair with some fun and colorful accessories to brighten up the look.


The Chevron pattern has been making waves in the fashion ocean in the last couple of years and is now hotter than ever. The fun zigzags add some nice dimension to any outfit. Spice up any look with Chevron jewelry, or go big with an ensemble whose main focus is a Chevron piece.

This Easter, you can be festive and stylish by sporting a soft pastel look. Pale yellows, blues, pinks and purples are great for this year. Soften any look with pastels and pair with some fun designs or mid-tone neutrals to balance out the light colors. You can also do some brighter colors with your makeup.