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All the Springle Ladies

It's here! It's here! Spring is here! In honor of the season of Spring, I'm presenting the women who represent the Spring color palette. These are women who possess the following attributes:

*Hair is golden blonde, strawberry blonde, caramel, copper or beige blonde
*Skin has a warm or golden undertone and may be creamy ivory, peach, peach beige or golden beige
*May have golden freckles
*Eyes are blue, green, aqua, warm amber, warm hazel, blue green or caramel
*Does not have deep brown eyes

Here are some celebrity Spring beauties. If your coloring resembles these ladies and you have the traits listed above, you are probably a Spring.

Carrie Underwood
Gywneth Paltrow
Marcia Cross
Reese Witherspoon
If you are a Spring, there is a nice variety of colors that will suit you when it comes to clothing. Choose from shades in the coral/peach family, the aqua/teal family or the medium brown/taupe family. Also, bright golden yellow and powder/sky blue are great choices. If you want to bring out your green side, choose from a minty shade of green.

When it comes to jewelry, the best options for Springs are in the gold, bronze or copper family. Some accent colors that could be used are coral, jade, turquoise, blue topaz and ivory toned pearls.

Here are some examples of outfits that utilize the Spring color palette.

Spring Lights

Spring Brights

Most Spring women have light, delicate skin, which is why the Spring color palette for makeup is about natural looking colors that are not overly dramatic. The best eyeshadow shades are light browns, light greens and coppers. Blush colors are peach, salmon and light corals. Choose lip colors that are peach, apricot or mango- melon shades. Since Springs have such delicate coloring, a black mascara is too intense and a brown or navy should be used instead.

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