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5 Summer Must Haves

Summertime can often be difficult for fashionistas. It's hard to be stylish when all you want to do is skinny dip in a nice, cool, refreshing pool! This summer, you can be stylish and stay cool by picking up each of these 5 summer must haves.

1. Romper
The romper is big this season and is a great choice for summer- shorts to keep you showing off those sexy legs and a top to leave you covered but still show some skin. You can also sport the romper when it gets cooler and pair it with some tights or leggings (as shown below).

2. Jesus Sandals 
You don't need to walk on water in order to wear the same shoes as the Christian Carpenter. Sandals are a must have for summer and Jesus style sandals are big right now. Find them in any style that is comfortable- between the toes, high above the ankle or something in between.
Jesus Sandals
3. Fringe
Making its comeback this year is fringe. Whether it's on a top, a bag or a sassy pair of heels, fringe is a fun way to add some flair to your summer wardrobe.


4. The Monokini
The monokini- not quite a one piece and not quite a bikini, but a combination of the two. Not every woman will feel comfortable wearing one but for those of you who do, this is a great choice this summer. Modest yet sexy, the monokini is great for women who want to be covered up but still leave something to be desired.


5. Floppy Sun Hat
Keeping your skin protected from the sun's harmful rays is super important. So this summer, you can stay safe and stylish by picking up a floppy sun hat for protection.
Floppy Sun Hat