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Awesome Autumns

Leaves are changing color, people are adding blankets to their beds and women are rearranging their closets. Yes, it's Autumn. Time to break out the pants, cardigans and boots. And, of course, to highlight what it means to be an Autumn woman.

Hair color for Autumn ladies can range from bright copper red to deep chestnut brown. These tones include golden brown or dark warm brown, and rich golden red. Brunettes with a gold or metallic red cast have Autumn coloring.

Autumn's skin has golden undertones that appear more orange than blue. Skin tone can be ivory, peach, golden beige, coppery, bronze, caramel or golden brown. Many Native Americans, Latinas, Asians and women of African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean descent are Autumns.

Eye colors for Autumns vary and include dark brown, golden brown, green, amber or a brownish greenish color. There will be a golden warmth in the iris. Most Autumns have a brown, warm hazel with golden brown or green gold.

If you are an Autumn, your coloring will resemble that of Julia Roberts, Queen Latifah, Teri Hatcher or Jennifer Lopez.

Julia Roberts
Queen Latifah
Teri Hatcher
Jennifer Lopez
When it comes to clothing and accessories, the best colors for Autumns run the gamut. Light neutrals that work are ivory, camel, buttermilk or cream. Golden brown, coffee brown and dark brown work for darker neutrals. For non-neutrals, the turquoise/aqua family works for blues, along with terra cotta, pumpkin, salmon and deep peach for shades of orange. Jewelry accents can be copper, bronze or gold.

Fall 1

Colors in the green family include forest green, moss, lime and jade. Yellows that work are mustard, yellow gold and marigold. In addition to the metallic shades of accessories, wood variations also work. Handbags and shoes should be brown or green.

Fall 2

Finally, when it comes to makeup, the best choices for Autumns depend on skin tone. For light skinned Autumns, eye shadows should be in the medium to dark brown or medium olive green range. Blush should be warm/deep tones of salmon or terra cotta. Lip colors for light skinned Autumns should be deep/warm shades of cinnamon, peach or terra cotta. Any metallics should have a gold quality.

Autumn Makeup

Dark skinned Autumns should choose eye shadow shades that are chocolate brown or moss or forest green. Bronze and golden tones also work. Blush should be dark copper, cinnamon or walnut to bark colored. Lip colors for dark skinned Autumns should be medium to dark brown (mocha, raisin) and metallics should have a bronze or golden honey tone.