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The Summer to Fall Transition

Now that Summer is over and Fall is upon us, it's time to try and make one last use of our favorite Summer pieces. You can still wear may of them well into Fall by changing the items and accessories that you pair them with. Below, I used a red sleeveless top for both a Summer look and a Fall look. I changed the bottoms, shoes and accessories to show how you can easily transition from a Summer look to a Fall look by using the same top.

Summer to FallFor the Summer look, I paired the red shirt with a cute blue polka dot skirt and some red sandals. I kept the jewelry relatively simple and threw in some sunglasses to really capture the Summer feeling. For the Fall look, I updated to a pair of jeans, low cut boots, a cardigan, scarf and some heavier jewelry. You want to add pieces that you can easily remove if needed, and you don't want anything too heavy. Jeans are light, cardigans are removable and low cut boots don't make you too hot in the Fall. The scarf is a nice touch in the evening.

You can choose Summer pieces like sundresses, rompers or tank tops and change the items you wear with them to get into the Fall groove. Leggings, boots, cardigans and scarves are all great transition pieces that will keep you from having to buy more clothes (although what woman would complain about a Fall shopping spree??) when the seasons change. For the budget conscious woman, this is a great way to save!