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5 Trends for Finishing Fall

The best season for fashion is probably fall. While each season brings its own pros & cons, fall is all about mixing & matching, layering and accessorizing. You can really make your boldest fashion statements during the fall. Even though fall is only going to be here for a little longer, these are 5 fall trends that are definitely worth following for the rest of the season.

Print Mixing 
 Grab those favorite printed pieces and mix things up. 
Stripes and plaid are popular prints for fall.

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Wearing Fall Colors
We don't often consider the colors we are wearing when putting together an outfit. 
Think about your favorite fruits for fall color inspiration.

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Wearing Tights With Shorts
Channel your inner summer girl by wearing shorts this fall. 
Wear over your favorite fall tights for extra warmth and style.

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 Sporting an Over Sized Sweater
It's not the most flattering way to show off your body, but a cozy, over sized sweater is a comfortable way to be fashionable for fall.

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Flying High With a Cape
 Show off your super woman powers with a cape. 
Capes are available in lots of different styles, so you can find one that fits your personal taste.

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