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Girls Night Out Style Essentials

Have a girls night out coming up? Wondering what to wear? Whether you're doing dinner and dancing, going to a concert or bar hopping, these are the essentials you want to make sure you don't leave the house without!

Little (color) Dress
Contrary to popular belief, the infamous little black dress (LBD) is not always the best choice. It's a myth that black is slimming, and depending on your coloring, black might not be ideal for you to wear. Instead, go with a little (any color that flatters you) dress for girls night out.

Choose something simple that can be worn for a casual evening, or dressed up with other pieces. Here are a few great choices to consider:

 Classic Blazer
When it gets cold at night, you need something to wear over that dress. Even if you spend the night dancing until you're a hot sweaty mess, you're bound to be cold when you walk to the car or sit in a cold restaurant. A classic blazer is an easy way to add warmth and style. Shop these fabulous picks:

Sexy Heels
Shoes can either make or break an outfit. For girls night out, splurge on your favorite pair of heels. Make a bold statement with something metallic, colorful or animal print. I love these choices:

Chic Clutch
You're going to need something to carry your keys, phone and lipstick in. So don't forget a chic, but no too chic clutch. Carry one that is casual enough for daytime, but snazzy enough for night. One of these options would work well:
So, how totally pumped are you for your next girls night out?