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Black Slack Attack

Do you ever stand staring at the clothes in your closet and think, "Ugh. Same old selection and I have no money to buy anything new"...? I think most of us have had that thought when trying to figure out what to wear sometimes. What many of us don't realize is that we can take the pieces we already own and combine them to create several different looks, without having to spend more money on new pieces.

One suggested fashion staple for women is the "little black dress." But I recommend the "basic black slack." Any nice pair of black pants will do (preferably one that doesn't collect too much lint). Here are three different looks, using the same pair of black pants and creating three totally different outfits.

The first one is a daytime look. Pair the pants with a comfy sweater, comfy boots, and for those in colder climates, a comfy jacket and beanie. A nice sized tote bag makes a great accessory for this look. Since the look is not meant to be fancy or flashy, I would leave the jewelry off.

Black Pants Daytime

The second look converts daytime into nighttime, by pairing the black pants with a fun, dressy shirt and some funky, yet classy heels. Both of these pieces add a nice pop of color. Add some sparkle with a shimmery clutch and shrug, accompanied by some silver jewelry. For an evening look, you can have more fun with the accessories, so add a little bling! I suggest keeping the clutch small, since lugging around a big purse or handbag is no fun when you're trying to have fun.

Black Pants Evening

Finally, the third look is a great look for a job interview. If you happen to own a suit, where the pants have a matching jacket, pair the set with a nice printed shirt. Don't go too crazy with the print, but choose something that will add some dimension to the look and give it a little pop. Keep the shoes, bag and jewelry simple, as you don't want to appear too "flashy" at an interview. You want to look professional but still set yourself apart in the image department. Pick pieces that are comfortable too, so that you can be as relaxed and confident as possible.

Black Pants Interview