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Product Review: STBD Shower Cap

Not all product reviews are glamorous. Such is the case with the STBD (Save the Blow Dry) shower cap. However, I still enjoyed trying it out! It is definitely more comfortable than traditional shower caps and it does seem to protect my hair better. The dual layer design leaves me (and my locks) feeling warmer and drier than I do with the cheap, plastic shower caps. I love that it has a cute, feminine design- even though you feel silly wearing a shower cap sometimes, you can feel a little prettier in this one!

What makes the STBD shower cap amazing is the combination of a waterproof design with an internal layer of super-absorbent micro weave towelling, which zaps humidity and condensation. The STBD shower cap has a 100% guarantee that it is the best blow dry protection. What's even cooler is that you can turn it inside out and use it over your favorite hair treatment! Easy to wipe clean and lets your hair products do their magic better!

Interested in finding out more? Visit the Save the Blow Dry website, and order yours today! While STBD is based in the U.K., it does service orders to the U.S.