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4 Ways to Create Stylish Looks for Kids

Finding ways to dress your kids in stylish outfits can be a challenge, especially for the mom on a budget. And with the battles many moms face with their stubborn children when it comes to getting dressed, it's no wonder we sometimes let our kids leave the house looking like a hot mess. (Don't judge the mom who shows up at the grocery store with her pajama-clad child!)

On those good days when you're winning the getting dressed battle, you can create stylish looks without breaking the bank. Here are 4 ideas on creating stylish looks for kids.

Abby and Bailey - Almost Twins

Sisters Abby, 4, and Bailey, 2, were troopers for our photo shoot. I wanted to show that siblings can wear matching outfits without being exactly the same. I love the idea of similar ensembles that still showcase the individuality of each child.

For this look, we chose spring dresses in similar patterns but different colors. Abby is wearing a dark blue polka dot, while Bailey looks cute in her red dress with hearts. To mix things up a bit more, they wore shoes in a similar style, but in different colors.

Here you can see how each girl looks in her dress by herself, and how she matches her sister, but still maintains her own look. I think it's quite obvious which sister is the shy sister and which one is the silly sister. They are both adorable!

Leo - Lil' Dapper Dude
At just 3 1/2 months old, sweet little Leo looks handsome and stylish in his outfit. I was going for a mini dapper look, and I think I accomplished it. His onesie has a fun graphic print and a vintage look (it's a brand name consignment find), and his hat is reminiscent of a 1920s newsboy. I wanted to keep his look youthful, so I chose some denim jeans with a fun plaid print. This adds texture and color to the outfit.

He even looks cute close up! Here you get a closer look of the details on his jeans, onesie and hat. This boy is one of the best dressed kids on the block!

Makenna - Edgy Spring Beauty
You wouldn't know by looking at this picture, but miss Makenna was a little feisty the day of our photo shoot. I wanted to show how to do a spring look with some edge, so we dressed her in a girlie spring butterfly dress with white sandals, and put a rockin' denim jacket over.

The combination of the sweet dress with the mini biker jacket creates a look that is both springy and edgy- much like Makenna!

A sweet smile is the best accessory you can wear with any outfit!


Here you can see the cute white bow that we put in Makenna's hair. It is another way to keep the look innocent and sweet. 23 month old Makenna is showing us the back of her Harley Davidson Motors jacket. The rolled up sleeves are a final touch of edge that we gave to her look. I love how the pink strip of color under the word "motors" on her jacket matches her pink dress.

Lincoln - Consignment Cool

Our final mini model is my little guy, Lincoln, 2. You can tell by these pictures that he is full of personality. I don't have a lot of spring clothing for him yet, so I put him in some pieces that are colorful and fun. For this look, I wanted to show how you can style your kids in brand name pieces that you find at consignment sales.

I put Lincoln in some basic jeans from a non-designer brand, and chose a Ralph Lauren button down. When you dress your kids in designer duds, not every piece in the outfit has to be a brand name. You can combine them with no name pieces. His monster shoes came from TJ Maxx, but the colors look cute with the colors in his shirt.

Lincoln was pretty happy about looking stylish in affordable pieces!

You can usually find a great selection of gently used brand name clothing at consignment shops and sales. Most of the pieces are in season and in good condition. You don't need to splurge on designer clothing at department stores. You can have a fashionable kid and still stay within your budget.

Have these outfits given you any ideas for your kids? 


 I have to give a shout out to PinkPrincess, where we got Lincoln's totally cute Blue Birthday Boy Shirt. He had a great time celebrating in his superhero attire!