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A Touch of Tribal

Last year while on a road trip, I stopped in a souvenir shop in Nebraska. A Native American looking beaded necklace caught my eye, and I've been waiting for the perfect time to wear it. 

I decided the time is now. I pulled out a red and white striped tank and paired it with the necklace to create this look that I'm calling "A Touch of Tribal."

 I decided that instead of wearing my tank loosely over my jeans, I would tuck it in. This gave it a bodysuit type look, which was fun to wear! Plus- it's a great way to make your legs look longer.

And yes, I totally rocked a side ponytail. 

I love the contrast of the patriotic look of the tank and the tribal look of the necklace.

It was a gorgeous day for a stroll in my "touch of tribal" outfit!

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