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Product Review: LuxLock Clutch

When I first read about the LuxLock earring clutch, I thought, really- women have problems with their earrings coming loose?  Then I tried the product and I could tell a big difference between standard earrings and these backs. I never really paid attention to how my earrings feel when I wear them. When I used the LuxLock clutch, I had to remind myself that I was wearing earrings! Yes, they work that well. It sounds weird, but the LuxLock was so comfortable.

So what makes the LuxLock different? Its patented stainless steel spring and gold clutch, which provide an extra firm grip on your earrings. Available in both 10k and 14k, I would recommend the LuxLock earring clutch for women who wear high end/luxury jewelry, since it holds earrings in place, making it harder for them to come loose or get lost.

*Earrings not included with purchase

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