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Venettini 55-SAVOR (Bordo Scale Leather 88)

Every parent thinks that their child is the cutest. And every parent is correct! Our children are the apples of our eyes. The center of our universe. And they deserve the best of everything- even when it comes to fashion.

For those of us with boys, that means dressing them like sharp, handsome little chaps from head to toe. The Venettini collection has the toe part covered. Today's post features the 55-SAVOR in Bordo Scale Leather. This shoe is great for dressing up your little guy in a way that is sure to impress.

Pair it with some dark cords and a striped button down, then top off with a snazzy hat for a look that is classy, chic and dressy. Your already handsome boy gets ten times more handsome. With this 1920s inspired ensemble, he will be the Sinatra of 2014!


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