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"Sin-sational" Skincare

It's Winter time, and for people with sensitive skin like me, that means lots of hydrating and moisturizing. Skin can get extra dry in the Winter, so we need to take extra good care of it. It is our body's largest organ, after all.

To learn more about how to keep skin healthy, I asked Kristen Sins, a licensed esthetician at Pizazz Salon in Columbia, TN, to share some of her favorite skincare products and tips.

Kristen knows a thing or two about maintaining a healthy skincare routine. She is half of the country music duo, The Sins (hubby Joe is the other half) and often plays gigs in front of large crowds, where looking healthy & glowing is important.

LL: What are some tips you have for keeping skin healthy in the Winter?
KS: Exfoliating and moisturizing are key in the Winter months, when dead skin cells can build up on the face. Exfoliating allows the dead skin cells to shed. Dead skin cells can cause the dryness and flakiness. Moisturizing helps keep your skin soft, smooth, and most importantly hydrated. One helpful hint during the Winter months is to apply your moisturizer right after a bath or shower, this allows your skin to absorb the extra water!

LL: What is the most common bad habit that women have regarding their everyday skincare routine?
KS: Women get into the habit of not applying a broad spectrum sunscreen on their face daily. The sun or UVA and UVB rays are one of the biggest factors that cause signs of aging. From wrinkles to hyperpigmentation, the sun causes damage to the skin! The easiest way to make this change into your daily facial routine is to find a moisturizer that also contains a broad spectrum sunscreen.

LL: Do you have any product recommendations for keeping skin healthy and glowing? What about makeup or skincare brands that you recommend?
KS: Exfoliation twice a week is vital in helping the skin to stay healthy and glowing. If you notice your skin looks dull or tired, it is usually due to a buildup of dead skin cells. My favorite exfoliation products are Dermalogica's Gentle Cream Exfoliant or Dermalogica's Skin Prep Scrub.
LL: What is the single most important thing women can do for their skin?
KS: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Skin can become dehydrated and when that happens it can be more easily damaged and also it may take longer for it to repair itself. Moisturizing can also help combat fine lines and wrinkles while making the skin feel soft and look healthy. I recommend Dermalogica's Active Moist Moisturizer. It is gentle but very effective. 

Grapeseed oil is one of my favorite oils to use on the face. It can be used as a moisturizer. The oil is rich in beta-carotene and the vitamins D, C, E. It also has a concentration of essential fatty acids. Fatty acids have performed well in clinical anti-wrinkle trials. They have also proven to be effective at minimizing the prominence and size of scars.

When she is not climbing up the country music charts, the country singer-cum-esthetician offers many different services, including Microdermabrasion Facials, Microdermabrasion Hand Treatments, Glycolic Peels, Acne Facials, Anti Aging Facials, Back Facials, Waxing, Lash Tinting, and Brow Tinting. 
If you are in the Columbia, TN area and would like to schedule an appointment with Kristen at her salon, visit her website.