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Best Makeup Colors for Spring Women

My favorite season is spring. Not only is my birthday in the spring, but the weather in most places is splendid. Flowers have bloomed, breezes are blowing and I can break out my colorful wardrobe pieces. I can sport a dress or jeans and be comfortable, no matter how I piece together my ensemble. I can wear heels or sandals and be seasonally appropriate.
When it comes to seasonal color palettes, some of Hollywood's finest ladies, like Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman, are springs. When I think of spring ladies, I think of natural beauty. I envision sweetness and happiness and light colors.
So what does it mean to be a spring? In the world of makeup, it means hues that are heavy in the peach and coral family. Black is not a friend but gold is. Think you might be a spring? Here are some characteristics of the spring woman:

  • Your hair is golden blonde, strawberry, caramel, copper or beige blonde.
  • Your skin is warm with a golden undertone, and is creamy ivory, peach, or golden beige
  • Your eye color is blue, green, aqua, warm hazel with golden brown or green gold tones, topaz or caramel
  • You do not have deep brown eyes
  • You look best in warm tones, not cool tones
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If you aren't quite sure if spring is your season, you can reference the book Color Me Beautiful for a more detailed explanation. Once you can confirm that is your season, here are things to look for when updating your makeup bag.

You want to go with eyeliners that are medium to navy blue, palm green or light to medium brown.

Dazzle those lids with shades of light brown, light green and copper.

Add some color to your springy cheeks with hues that are warm in tone, such as peach, salmon or coral.

Pucker up in peachy shades including apricot, mango and melon. If you choose to wear a gloss, make sure it has a gold metallic tone, not silver.

Springs have a delicate skin tone and should thus choose a mascara that is not too harsh on the eyes. Brown or navy are the best colors to bring our your beautiful spring eyes.

Because these colors are more neutral and earthy, you can always spice up an evening look by being bold with the products. For example, your everyday makeup should look natural, but it's perfectly fine to thicken up the eyeliner or wear a double coat of mascara for a night out. Just because your colors are not as dramatic as other seasons doesn't mean you can't go all diva with your makeup sometimes. As long as you stick to your spring color palette, you will radiate any room you walk into!

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