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Outfit on the Street - Eclectic Bohemian

I was recently at a live music festival in downtown Nashville and asked Tatiana about her outfit. I loved her fun bohemian style and her sparkly purse! Plus, she had a great smile and a willing spirit.

Name:  Tatiana
Where: Downtown Nashville Live on the Green music festival

What are you doing out here today?
Just hanging out, enjoying the beautiful day, music, good food.

Do you live in the area?
I do.

What do you do? Are you in school? Do you work?
I work with kids with special needs.

What do you do exactly?
I do language therapy for kids with Downs Syndrome and autism.

That seems challenging but rewarding.
Yeah, I love it.

Tell me about your outfit. Do you know where you got it?
I do. Ok, so this dress came from a random boutique in Florida, like in a beach town. This purse was actually a website find, from Stitch Fix. They just sent me it and I was like, that rocks! Random little ring from a random street artist in Santa Fe.

So do you hit a lot of random, independent boutiquey places a lot?
Yeah, yeah.

What about the earrings?
Same thing. Random fair in Dallas. Like street fair, crafty people.

So you travel a lot?
I guess. Yeah. I do a lot of weekend, small trips.

What else are you up to this weekend?
Maybe some wine tasting later tonight.

Yeah. Just hanging with my friend here, who's being shy. She is in town visiting for the weekend, so we're just hanging.

Where is she from?

Cool cool. So, if there was one word or phrase you would use to describe your style, is it...
Ooh, I don't know!

Kind of ecclectic?
Eclectic is good.
Looks over to friend
How would I describe my style?
Friend responds ,laughing, "slutty"
She's actually described her style that way as a joke. I think it's eclectic, yeah.

I kind of get like a Bohemian type vibe.
Yeah, sometimes. I mix up Bohemian, but sometimes I go more glamorous, like sparkles.

So do you like to dress up a lot when you go out?
Mmm hmm.

So this is more of a casual weekend look?
Day, casual, yeah.