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Dressing For a Summer Wedding Using What You Already Own

Summer is a popular time for weddings. But for many people, spending money on something to wear to a wedding is not a priority. Sometimes our budget is tight and we just can’t splurge on a new ensemble. This is when it is time to get creative with existing pieces from your closet. You can actually create a wedding appropriate look by simply adding accessories. Here are a few ways to do that.

For the ladies...

Take It To The Max
I love maxi dresses. They are so comfortable and versatile. And of course in the summer, they are great for those days when we didn’t have time to shave our legs. So if you want to wear that cute maxi to the next wedding on your agenda, you can! Add some elegant jewelry or a nice watch, lighten your load with an evening style clutch and put on some dressy heels. The nice thing about summer is that you don’t have to wear a jacket and your heels can easily come off so you can hit the dance floor!

Light a Short Fuse
There are lots of different styles of shorts popular for women right now. And if you own some that are made of lace or something more sexy, you can mix them with other items from your closet to create a look that is appropriate for a summer wedding. If you did happen to shave your legs and want to show them off, you can do so with a sexy heel, a small evening bag or clutch and dressy jewelry. Just make sure those shorts are not too short. You want people paying attention to the happy couple, not your hot cross buns!

Pant Like a Dog
For those of you ladies who didn’t shave your legs but prefer pants over skirts, this look is for you. Start with some solid (neutral colored) trousers and add a dressy top. Throw on some coordinating jewelry and grab an evening clutch. The nice thing about this look is that you can actually wear flats if you want. Heels will definitely dress up the look more, but if you just aren’t comfortable in heels, go for a ballet flat that isn’t too casual.

For the guys...

Alright guys, there are really only two options for you when it comes to dressing for a summer wedding: pants or shorts. And since men are so simple (or so they say), you can “weddify” your outfit with a couple of simple accessories. If you choose to wear pants, pick a short sleeved button down or polo style shirt (no crazy prints or patterns- keep it simple). Add a belt, a nice watch and some polished oxford style shoes (in a neutral color like brown or black). You are wedding ready in a more casual look and you didn’t have to spend a mortgage payment on a new outfit!

If you shaved your legs prefer to wear shorts instead of pants, you can create a similar look by adding the same accessories (a belt and a nice watch). Since most men don’t wear a ton of jewelry, other than a wedding ring, a watch is a nice alternative to jewelry. It adds some sophistication to the look and you always know what time it is! Make sure if you choose to wear shorts that they are dressy, not casual. Think of Pharrell Williams attending an awards show (but please forgo the giant hat). Top with a long sleeved button down or a short sleeved button down with a vest (sweater or other type) over it. No tie is necessary, although it doesn’t hurt to wear one in this case.