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Summer to Fall With a Few Pieces

Even though we are technically still in summer, pretty soon we fashionistas will need to start making the transition into fall. And if you're like me, you still have pieces hanging in your closet that you haven't had a chance- or a reason- to wear yet. With fall weather cooling things down, time is running out to sport those summer outfits. But fear not, you can add a few simple pieces to your ensembles to make them fall ready. Here are two summer pieces you can easily transition for fall!

If you still have that cute crop top that is waiting to be worn, you can make a fall fashion statement by throwing a bodysuit under the crop top, and then wearing jeans or a skirt over that to complete the look.

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This summer, rompers and playsuits were popular. But don't worry, you can also wear them in the fall by throwing some leggings underneath. For cooler evenings, top off the look with a light cardigan.

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Whether it is a sundress or a strapless dress, you might have that fun summer dress still waiting to come out and play. To make it appropriate for fall, simply wear it over a fitted tee. (Julia Roberts tried this look at the 2014 Golden Globes.)
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