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Best Makeup Colors for Dark Skinned Autumn Women

When it comes to wearing makeup, we shouldn't just focus on what colors we like. We should focus on what colors look best on us, based on our seasonal color palette. There are lots of websites and links to help you determine what season you are, and if you do a self analysis and think you might be an autumn, here are some telltale signs of the autumn woman:

  • Hair color ranges from bright copper to deep chestnut brown, including golden brown, rich golden red and dark warm brown. Brunettes usually have a gold or metallic red cast to their hair.
  • Autumn women have a golden undertone to their skin. Skin tone can be ivory, peach, golden beige, copper, bronze, caramel or golden brown.
  • Eye colors for autumn women include dark brown, golden brown, green, and the eyes will have a golden warmth in the iris.

Because the autumn woman's skin tone has a wide range, there are two different guides to follow when it comes to makeup. One is for light skinned autumn women and the other is for dark skinned autumn women. Some notable dark skinned autumns are Mariah Carey, Beyonce Knowles, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Queen Latifah. If your coloring resembles these women, you might be a dark skinned autumn. You can conduct a more in depth analysis using the Color Me Beautiful book as your reference. I have found this to be the most accurate and easy to use reference.

Once you have determined that you are an autumn with dark skin, you can update your makeup collection by making sure you use the following colors for your products:

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Choose shades of eyeliner that are dark brown to black. I suggest using dark brown for daytime and black in the evening.
Eye Shadow
For the lids, go with chocolate tones, moss or forest green, or bronze and golden tones. I've found that Nars has some great products that come in these color ranges.
Dust those cheeks with colors like dark copper, cinnamon or walnut to bark. Cream or powder blush works fine. You can even use a bronzer instead, as long as you stay in the same color family.
Pucker up in the medium to dark brown family. Hues like sable, mocha or raisin are best for dark skinned autumns. If you prefer a metallic look, be sure to choose shades with a bronze or golden honey tone.
Coinciding with the eyeliner, the best mascara colors for dark skinned autumns are dark brown to soft black.

You can shop some of my favorite makeup products for dark skinned autumn women and find more beauty inspiration by visiting the Love That blog.