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Best Makeup Colors for Summer Women

Summer is slowly (and sadly) coming to an end. But for the women with the summer color palette, summer never ends! Every one of us is a season, based on our skin tone, eye color and all of our physical characteristics. And whichever season we are, there are colors that are best suited for us, from our clothing to our jewelry to our makeup.

Here are the characteristics of a summer woman. Use these to determine if you fall into the summer category.

  • You have overall cool coloring, and your hair is ashy blonde, pearly gray or ashy brown. (Summers do not have gold tones in their hair- rather, ash/silver tones)
  • You do not have brown eyes; your eyes are blue, green, grey or a mixture of those colors.
  • Your skin has pink, rose or blue undertones and your skin tone ranges from light porcelain to cool beige.

Still not sure if you are a summer? Here are some famous summer women to give you a better visual of the summer woman's coloring. Below is information on the best makeup colors for you.

Summer Women Makeup

Eye Shadow
The best eye shadow colors for the summer woman are greenish blue, blue grey and lavender.
For eyeliner, choose medium blues, greens and charcoal grey.
The summer woman should wear blush in the light pink or rose color family.
For the lips, choose shades that are pink, rose or plum. With glosses, be sure to choose metallic tones with silver shimmer.
Do not wear black or brown mascara. Brown is too warm for your cool coloring, and black is too harsh. Instead, go with navy or charcoal.

Now that you have a better idea of what your summer makeup palette is, shopping for your favorite products should be a breeze. A summer breeze! If you are looking for new makeup products to add to your collection now that you know your best colors, here are a few of my favorites, which you can shop by clicking here.